Five metal travel destinations in the world: the best festivals

Posted by on October 1, 2019

Many people travel not to just spectate the beautiful scenery of other countries, but also to listen to their favorite music. Metal-lovers admire such an experience as extreme music can be heard world-wide in full freedom and loudness.

 Azkena Rock, Spain

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Azkena Rock is the two-day rock and metal festival. It has been held since 2002, and fully dedicated to heavy metal music. It is worthy of mentioning that it is one of the most famous Spanish rock festivals. In 2006, more than 44,000 tickets were sold due to the performances of bands such as Pearl Jam, Alice Cooper, Bad Religion, Sex Pistols, Deep Purple and more. Besides, in 2011, the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Super Bock Super Rock, Portugal

Being located in the coastal city of Lisbon, it has become one of the largest music events in the country, luring many rock and metal fans. Since its inception, many well-known artists have performed there.

Super Bock combines the best in itself – music a beach getaway. In the afternoon, you can stroll around the city or lay at the beach, accompanied by indie or alternative soundtracks in the evening. 

 Rock Werchter, Belgium 

Rock Werchter was introduced in the colorful town of Werchter, near Leuven. The 4-day is traditionally held in the early days of July. Traveling in the summer might be one of the options for tourists because of the weather conditions. 

The iconic Belgian Rock Werchter Festival in 2014 celebrated its 40 years of existing. With such a telling history and high-profile line-up, not every European musical open-air festival can surpass Rock Werchter. In different years, you were able to see and hear  U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Oasis, Limp Bizkit, The Prodigy, The Killers and more perform live. World music critics have repeatedly recognized the Belgian Rock Werchter as the best festival in the world. It has already gained 4 prestigious ILMC Awards – Annual International Music Conference.

 Wacken Open Air, Germany 

It is the most crowded metal event not only in Germany but also worldwide. It is held annually in the outskirts of the town of Wacken. In 2006, the number of visitors exceeded 60 thousand. Today, Wacken have room for more than 85 thousand visitors annually.

The festival was first held in the 90s, where little-known local bands performed. However, each passing year, the festival’s popularity proliferated. Consequently, in 1998, Wacken became a festival of European and then world level.

Today’s Wacken Open-Air is held on the first weekend of August. There you can see seven set stages, with more than 80 bands performing in parallel. Besides, the festival is famous for its fast sold-out. In 2013, all tickets were redeemed for two days, and in 2014 sold-out was announced 12 hours after the tickets went on sale.

Roskilde, Denmark

Two students in 1971 introduced this ‘heavy’ festival. Over time, the Roskilde Festival has become one of the most viral festivals in Europe. Many well-known stars performed on its stage, including Bob Marley, U2, Metallica, Nirvana, Radiohead and many more. Besides, since 1999, there has been a wonderful tradition at the festival – Naked Run. It is a run around that area that takes place on the Saturday of the festival, with two winners (one boy and one girl) receiving free tickets for the next year of the music event.  

These are the most visited ‘metal’ destinations for those who want not only to go on a trip to sightseeing but also to experience the live performances of your favorite singers. All of them create the atmosphere of another ‘heavy’ world, where you can set yourself free and enjoy maybe the best hours of your life. 




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