Best places to listen to metal

Posted by on September 5, 2018

Another “myth” about heavy music was unexpectedly dispelled – metal music is most popular not in marginalized countries and not in poor countries, but just the opposite – “in the most advanced, most tolerant and intellectual regions of the world.” This is evidenced by the graph and map, compiled on the basis of Encyclopaedia Metallum data, an information resource devoted exclusively to heavy music. We also decided to conduct the mini-research and find out what are the best places to listen to it.

Your Car

Many car owners are quite satisfied with the sound of the regular audio system of their car. But a real metal fan will certainly want something more. And this is absolutely understandable because it is very pleasant to listen to the your favorite songs, especially with high-quality sound in the car. A good sound makes the trip memorable not only for the driver but also for the passengers of the vehicle, (and in the case of heavy metal for oncoming and passing cars, neighbors and casual passers-by). You do not need complex equipment to do it.  A player, a Bluetooth FM transmitter and good speakers will be enough to notify the whole quarter of your approach with the help of the roar of metal music.

A Bar

Let’s also dispel the stereotype that rock clubs are places for individuals with unstable mentality and inclinations. Nowadays everyone has the right to do what he likes. But the rock concerts are visited by different age category, and here all the hearts sing (sorry, yell) in unison under the metal. The depth of heavy music excites thoughts and body, the blood boils of rhythms and motifs.

The Street

Street musicians from all over the world are a famous phenomenon in large European cities. Therefore, if you play well, and have your own band, why don’t you gather and surprise any European city? However, in a number of countries, it is forbidden to play music with amplifiers, only live sound, so as not to disturb the residents. But this is still a great idea to realize.

Your Garage

Garage rock is the first truly underground music movement, which is reflected in its name. Garage groups were created by amateurs from the most diverse layers, so they naturally did not have their own recording studios and the opportunity to get into any of them. Groups rehearsed in garages and basements (most often). Garage rock has not yet generated a certain subculture, but it was like a period of “timelessness”, a spontaneous popular revolt. However, this does not make this music less popular, and the garage still remains one of the best places to listen to metal music or even create your own rock band.


A Festival

This is a real paradise for a heavy metal lover. There are no prohibitions, no strange rules, and prejudices about who and how should look and behave in society. There are only you, your favorite music and the company of the same fans.



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