Fister share their Top five influential bands

Posted by on November 8, 2019


02) Morbid Angel

When I was 13 I fell in love with death metal. I would buy tapes based on how insane the album art looked. There wasn’t an internet to discover new bands, and I wasn’t cool enough to participate in the tape trading scene, not that I was aware of it to begin with. It worked out for me mostly and I was able to discover some really cool bands this way. Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Cemetary, Incantation, and of course Morbid Angel. When I was younger I favored the first three albums, but over time Formulas Fatal to the Flesh slowly became my favorite album. I think it’s heavy as fuck, weird in all the right ways, and I even love the little cheap synth interludes. If you don’t own it you should buy it right now. This album rules. Steve Tucker rules. Morbid Angel rules. Amen.

– Kenny Snarzyk (vocals/bass) 

 Track: Covenant of Death


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