Girih’s Top 5 post metal albums of 2018

Posted by on November 27, 2018

3) Night Verses, From the Gallery of Sleep

“This is Night Verse’s first release as an instrumental band. Each song does a great job at keeping your attention and prove to hold their own without vocals. With the guitar now carrying most of the melodic narrative it gives the bass and drums a chance to branch out, even more so than their previous material. There are a ton of great moments on this album and it shouldn’t be overlooked.” – Brian Luttrell (guitar)


4) Lume, Wrung Out

“Of everything that pushes the envelope of what post metal is and isn’t, this album crushes in it’s vocal work on top of insanely dense tracks. Never breaking or even pushing, the vocals have this dull tinge over the pummeling tracks that throws the whole formula on it’s head.” – Alex



5) Coastlands, The Further Still

This record just hangs on the edge of being only post-rock, but once you let a song dig into you, they build them so masterfully. With structures like an orchestral piece and moments that crush, we really think they created a piece of art to be measured against” – Alex



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