Metal Insider’s Top 5: Best Canadian black metal bands in the past decade

Posted by on July 1, 2016

3.- Csejthe (Quebec, QC)


Heading to the French Canadian region of Quebec will make the rest of this list tough to complete, because the amount of high-quality bands coming from this area surpasses any other region in the country. Another band comprised by skilled musicians involved in several black metal projects, Csejthe stands out from the rest with its unique, aggressive and intelligent songwriting which has been consistent for the past decade. The conceptual approach on their records revolving medieval history and subjects surrounding that nature, like Elizabeth Bathory, makes a perfect blend of epic ambiance with perfectly executed metal that will appeal to any fan of atmospheric black metal.


2. Forteresse (Quebec, QC)

forteresse band

Another band from Quebec city, Forteresse has been one of the most consistent black metal bands from Canada for a while, releasing some of the best extreme music from the north. After an impeccable discography, Forteresse recently delivered their latest album Thèmes pour la rébellion and has been doing its rounds in some of the best top albums of the year so far, including my own. A band that has been proving to just improve itself after every release and deserves to be included in everyone’s discography of those who enjoy violent, relentless and fierce black metal.


1.- Monarque (Quebec, QC)


A one-man project that has reached a level of brilliance hard to top is Monarque. For more than a decade, Monarque has kept high bar for the entire Quebecois scene and has collaborated with several other high-ranking musicians from bands like Forteresse, Cserjthe, Deletere and many more. From the embracing aura and intense musicality in every one of his releases, Monarque will leave its permanent mark in the entire Canadian black metal movement.

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