Metal Insider’s top ten 70000tons of metal 2019 performances

Posted by on April 22, 2019

07) Tie: Rage – Day 2 – Royal Theater & Tiamat – Day 3 – Pool Deck

Rage reminded us all that quality is always better than quantity as their performance on the Royal Theater stage on night two at 23:00 was just that: a high-quality show. These German metal giants gave us a world premiere of 1998’s XIII, live in its entirety with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra. It was an overall 35th-anniversary celebration of the band as fans witnessed this historic moment seeing the album come to life, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Speaking of quality, Tiamat’s second set on the Pool Deck on day three after midnight, was everything. The group were celebrating the 25th anniversary of 1994’s WildHoney as these Swedish death/doom/dark rockers delivered such an intense performance.  


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