Metal Insider’s Top Ten Shocking Moments of 2019

Posted by on December 27, 2019

07) Scooby-Doo Unsolved Mysteries


Between who Static-X’s touring singer Xer0 is and the identity of Slipknot’s mysterious percussionist known as “Tortilla Man,” it has been a year of Scooby-Doo unsolved mysteries. Whether both groups are similar to Nergal with the enjoyment of trolling their fans or has some other reason to keep these identities a secret, nothing has stopped fans from investigating. After nearly a year of trying to uncover the identity of Xer0, it was back in October when the Danish metal zine Metal a Day photographer Anders Groos Mikkelsen allegedly discovered Edsel Dope is the man behind the mask. The reveal was based on a profile image showcasing the same or similar tattoos of Edsel. However, Edsel denied these clues stating how the photos were photoshopped. After an ongoing Reddit thread filled with Maggot detectives, Slipknot fans concluded that the mysterious percussionist is Michael Pfaff, the keyboardist for M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan’s other band, Dirty Little Rabbits. Fans have shared proof of their theory with footage showing members of the group arriving in Mexico for Knotfest. One of these members happened to be Pfaff himself or at least someone who looked exactly like him. Unlike Static-X members and Dope flat out denying the “discovery,” Slipknot have been rather quiet about Chris Fehn’s replacement. Will both bands announce the truth in 2020 or keep it a long lost mystery and leave it all behind in 2019? 


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