What’s the fastest metal song?

Posted by on May 25, 2018


5) Metallica – Master of Puppets – 226 BPM

You just knew Metallica would be along sooner of later. Surely Dyers Eve from the 1988 classic album And Justice for All must be up there with the fastest? At 188 BPM, it’s impressive, but it’s outdone by the title track from their third studio album.


4) Sadus – Chemical Exposure – 235 BPM

Sadus has a reputation for pushing the tempo of their songs to seemingly impossible levels, thanks in no small part to the musical gymnastics of bassist Steve Di Giorgio. The band also has one of the most stable lineups in metal history, the only change being when Rob Moore departed in the early eighties and the quartet became a trio. Chemical Exposure is the fastest track of all, and it’s on their first album, Illusions.


3) Dragonforce – The Game – 236 BPM

The opening track of Dragonforce’s 2000 album Inhuman Rampage, “Through the Fire and Flame” is seen as something of a classic and is another that springs to mind for its fast tempo. However, “The Game,” from Maximum Overload, is a whole lot faster.


2) Megadeth – Mechanix – 256 BPM

Mention fast Megadeth songs and you’ll most likely gravitate straight to the likes of “Head Crusher” from Endgame. Wrong, it’s another that comes in at about 150 BPM. For real tempo, you need to go back to the 1985 album Killing is My Business and Business is Good – the track “Mechanix” is out of this world.


1) Napalm Death – You Suffer– 280 BPM

Napalm Death really need a category and genre all to themselves. “You Suffer” has become one of their most famous pieces (not to mention getting a major boost recently thanks to Silicon Valley), and definitely holds the record for the fastest, as well as the shortest, metal song ever. OK, so it’s only a little over a second long, but that’s not stopped it from going down in metal history.


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