Blue Stahli premiere new song “Lakes of Flame”

Posted by on September 13, 2018

California’s Blue Stahli has revealed his third full-length vocal album Obsidian will be released in late 2019. Today (13th) the aggressive electronic rock project has given us an early sample by premiering the new song “Lakes of Flame.” The track is a blend between heavy riffs and a dark cinematic landscape and you can order it here

Mastermind Bret Autrey commented about the track:

“The basic demo for Lakes of Flame had been around for a quite a while, sitting on a hard drive, waiting for the right vocal melodies and lyrics.  The past year was an especially tumultuous time for me where it felt like everything was completely falling apart. And it did. Lyrics and melodies finally hit during one of the many long desert drives between states, and the rest of the lyrics came during a particular period of helplessness.  Once I was able to get the vocals recorded and placed in, the only way to really capture everything that was going on was the massive glitchy bridge where the song destroys itself and ultimately recombines to issue the chorus again before a final catastrophic finale.”

Listen to the single below:


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