Rob Zombie hangs with an unmasked Tobias Forge

Posted by on May 11, 2017

By now, anyone with curiosity and an internet connection has dug into how’s behind the mask for Ghost. There’s been a revolving cast of Nameless Ghouls, with Tobias Forge lording over them all as a satanic pope. And with legal battles currently taking place as the band gets set to tour this Summer, the gimmickry of the band is starting to unravel just as the popularity of their music proves that they don’t necessarily need to hide behind the faux-satanic persona. 

At any rate, Rob Zombie didn’t do the anonymity of Ghost’s frontperson any favors when he briefly posted a picture of him and some guy from a festival in Argentina he and Ghost were both playing. That other guy? Tobias Forge from @thebandghost. Oops. Right after he posted it, he took it down, but the damage was done, and now a few more people that never knew what Papa Emeritus looked like without makeup on got a glance of him. Not a great thing for Zombie to do. It’s like him playing live without samples or voice modulation. Thanks to Metal Injection for the screengrab and the digital manipulation.

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