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2020’s Black Friday ‘Record Store Day’ releases include Motörhead, Baroness, Chris Cornell, Corey Taylor and more

Posted by on October 12, 2020

    This year’s annual Black Friday Record Store Day releases exclusively for November 27th have been revealed. We took some time to look over the entire catalog and made a few selections in the rock and metal categories. This year’s artists include Alice In Chains, Baroness, Corey Taylor, Chris Cornell, Dio, Volbeat and more. […]

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The best-selling rock and metal of 2018 so far is…

Posted by on June 15, 2018

If you’re a regular reader of Metal Insider, you likely check out Metal by Numbers, in which we look at the week’s biggest-selling heavy titles. Of course, streaming is more or less taking over as the way many people consume music, but hard rock and metal fans tend to be more loyal. With this current […]

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Toothgrinder pick their favorite sophomore albums

Posted by on November 10, 2017

Today, Toothgrinder’s sophomore album, Phantom Amour, hits stores. And while their second album is a worthy follow up to last year’s Nocturnal Masquerade, we thought it would be fun to see what the band’s favorite other sophomore albums were.   Justin Matthews (vocals)       Nirvana, Nevermind: Because it was one of the most iconic albums […]

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Metal by Numbers: The top selling metal of the first half of 2017

Posted by on July 7, 2017

Earlier this year, we examined what metal and hard rock albums sold the most in 2016. What we found wasn’t entirely surprising (Metallica still sells lots of records! Lots of classic albums still get bought!), but it was still an interesting way to see what mass appeal music looked like last year. With half of […]

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Metal by Numbers: The best-selling rock and metal in 2016

Posted by on January 5, 2017

Mid-last year, we broke down what the biggest-selling albums of 2016 were through the first four months of the year. A lot more records came out since then, and with the year over, we’ve taken a look at what the biggest-selling metal and hard rock records in 2016 were. Notice we didn’t say “of” 2016, […]

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Here’s an updated list of how much it costs to book your favorite band

Posted by on June 13, 2014

A few weeks ago, website Priceonomics did some number crunching and found out what it would cost to book a number of bands. At the time, we noted that the math was a little bit off, due to the fact that it was through a third party booking agent. We also noted that some of the […]

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Happy 50th birthday to Slayer’s Kerry King

Posted by on June 3, 2014

While a lot of the coverage about Slayer in the past year has rightfully been about the sad and shocking passing of guitarist Jeff Hanneman (and also the dismissal of original drummer Dave Lombardo), perhaps the most iconic member of the band is guitarist Kerry King. Co-founding Slayer back in 1981 with Hanneman, the goateed […]

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Video: Oderus Urungus Joins Cancer Bats For Beastie Boys Cover

Posted by on November 26, 2012

If a Canadian metal band covering the Beastie Boys classic “Sabotage” isn’t weird enough, then maybe Oderus Urungus joining the band onstage to perform it with them is. Cancer Bats are no strangers to the song, having recorded it before and released a video. But they’d never performed it with Oderus, whose band GWAR they’re […]

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Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley Reflects On The Passing Of Adam Yauch

Posted by on May 7, 2012

Though best known as a hip-hop trio, the Beastie Boys influence expanded to almost all genres (including hard rock). That’s why the passing of Adam Yauch (aka MCA) this past Friday was a heavy hit for most. Obviously, we’re a metal site first and foremost, but we do want to share with you some of […]

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Cooper, Jovi Among Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2011 Nominees

Posted by on September 28, 2010

The 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees were announced earlier today, and there are actually some bands that live up to the “rock” part. Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi are among the nominees, as are the Beastie Boys, who started out as a hardcore band. Cooper should have been nominated long before now, […]

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