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Editorial: Now that the Misfits reunion shows are ending it’s time to bring Michale Graves back

Posted by on September 20, 2019

Sadly, it’s been reported that the Misfits (classic Jerry/Danzig lineup), will perform their final show at New York’s Madison Square Garden on October 19, 2019. While many have speculated as the reasons why this show will be their last (slow ticket sales, ticket prices too high, contractual agreements, etc.) given the drama upon drama that […]

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Ten metal reunions we’d love to see but probably never will

Posted by on January 31, 2019

We might already be a month in to 2019, and this year has been peppered with great news on upcoming tours, but there’s still a good 10+ months to give metal fans what they’ve been salivating for. Here’s our Top 10 reunions we’d like to see: 10) Deicide – 1989-2004 lineup   Glen Benton – […]

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More Misfits in the future?

Posted by on September 6, 2016

According to all reports, especially Rolling Stone‘s, the reunion of Glenn Danzig with Jerry Only and Doyle von Frankenstein as The Original Misfits was a joyous affair. Video footage shows thousands of punks singing with just as much abandon as the band, and everyone onstage seeing to have perhaps an even better time than those in the […]

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Watch Misfits reunite at Denver Riot Fest

Posted by on September 5, 2016

33 years in the making, last nights Riot Fest in Denver closed out with the historic reunion of Misfits with Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, Wolfgang Doyle von Frankenstein, with former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo hitting the skins. The 25-song set touched on the band’s entire original 1977-1983 catalog, with video showing the audience enthusiastically singing […]

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It’s official: Dave Lombardo is drumming for Misfits reunion shows

Posted by on August 29, 2016

It was a little over a month ago when former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo was moved the the top of the list of rumored drummers for The Misfits’ reunion shows at the Riot Fests. With the first of the two shows coming this weekend, they were going to eventually have to name someone, and indeed, Lombardo will […]

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European promoters claim Misfits’ booking agent “lost” their money

Posted by on July 15, 2016

This year has been full of surprises in the rock genre, with bands like Guns N’ Roses touring with its classic lineup or AC/DC touring with Axl Rose as a frontman, but another astonishing moment was Misfits announcing their reunion with its classic lineup for the Riot Fest. Arranging the reunion with Glen Danzig, Jerry […]

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Remember When: Misfits wrestled in WCW?

Posted by on May 17, 2016

It’s not that often when metal creeps its way into mainstream pop culture. So when metal/hard rock acts do actually pop up in beloved sitcoms, dramatic films, cartoons or even reality series, it’s kind of awesome. So in the weekly column Remember When, Metal Insider recalls the most random instances of metal’s elite appearing in front […]

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Jerry Only says he was always friends with Danzig, talks reunion

Posted by on May 13, 2016

Yesterday, the punk and metal world was thrown for a loop when it was announced that Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only would be reuniting in the Misfits at the Riot Fest. Just last year, we named them as one of the top 5 bands that would never reunite. Aside from the mercurial temper of Danzig, there […]

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Danzig to reunite with Misfits for Riot Fest

Posted by on May 12, 2016

Next to Guns N’ Roses, the reunion almost every metal, punk, hardcore or any heavy rock fan never thought would happen is the original lineup of the Misfits. Well… turns out 2016 is bringing us BOTH reunions. Original Misfits members Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, along with long-time guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, have announced […]

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Metal Insider’s Top 10: Unsuccessful replacements in metal and hard rock

Posted by on May 4, 2016

AC/DC defied the odds 36 years ago when they recorded one of the most iconic rock albums of all time, Back In Black, with the late (and very beloved) Bon Scott’s replacement Brian Johnson. Now they’re taking a similar gamble by bringing in Axl Rose to fill in for a sidelined Johnson on the road. […]

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