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Metal By Numbers 7/16: Judas Priest redeem record sales

Posted by on July 16, 2014

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week. Retirement plans for metal bands (or really any kind of rock band) seem to involve the same thing: big final tour with possibly a final album, then at some point someone says “Well, we […]

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New and Noteworthy, July 8th: Conquest

Posted by on July 8, 2014

A new album from one of the bands responsible for creating metal as we know is certainly a good start to today’s list. But there’s plenty more that follows, so don’t just stop reading after the first entry! You’re going to want to know everything that’s coming out today, trust me!     Judas Priest, […]

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Former and Current Vocalists For Periphery All Have New Music

Posted by on March 10, 2014

Fans of Periphery might remember that before the band released their debut album with Spencer Sotelo as frontman, the band went through a series of vocalists who are now off doing various projects. Two of these former vocalists include Casey Sabol, the band’s second vocalist, and Chris Barretto, the third vocalist and last before Sotelo […]

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Not Much Disclosure From The HAARP Machine In New Video Update

Posted by on February 21, 2013

About a month ago, The HAARP Machine lost three members (with one becoming the new drummer for The Faceless), leaving only guitarist Al Mu’min. Since then, there hasn’t been much chatter from The HAARP Machine camp until a video was posted today. There really isn’t much to see in the video except someone making tea (presumably Al) […]

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Metal By Numbers 10/3: As I Lay Dying Are Killing

Posted by on October 3, 2012

It’s a nice start for As I Lay Dying’s sixth album, although it’s their first album since 2005 to not debut in the top ten. In other news, with Mumford and Sons selling 600,000 copies of their sophomore album this week to have this year’s biggest debut, you might want to think about dusting off […]

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New & Noteworthy September 25th: Without Conclusion

Posted by on September 25, 2012

American metal has proven itself to be boundless with the passage of time. Every genre has been explored by at least one band that has gained prominence, and many newer genres that have come to the forefront of worldwide notice actually originated in America within the past decade and a half. Metalcore, deathcore, djent (to […]

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