Artist Vincent Castiglia’s 10 favorite metal album covers

Posted by on April 15, 2016

Slayer,  Reign in Blood


An album of epic proportions, with artwork that hearkens back to Bosch. A classic all around.


Carcass, Heartwork


Metallically beautiful, HR Giger’s handiwork + Carcass’  instrumentally de-fleshing music.


Triptykon,  Eparistera Daimones


Again, the incredible art of the late Master, HR Giger, this time in conjunction with Tom Warrior, and my artwork of the band portrait inside the record. A creative “triptych” in itself, and a legendary album.



Regurgitate,  Carnivorous Erection


Vascular, mad-faced erection that can actually eat you, hard to hold a candle next to that.

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