Metal Insider’s Top 10: Megadeth songs featuring Nick Menza

Posted by on May 23, 2016

7) Addicted to Chaos

During the Youthanasia era, Megadeth was fixed on following the path started by Countdown To Extinction by slowing down a notch to reach a broader audience than the niche thrash metal fan base they had. Probably one of the slowest songs in this list, Menza’s drumming stands out right at the beginning with the opening drumbeat which marks the tone for the track and the album itself. While the technicality of the song isn’t as challenging as the other tracks here, Menza’s drum fills alone are worth their spot along with the groove that will make you headbang whether you want to or not.



6) Tornado of Souls

“Tornado of Souls” is arguably one of Megadeth’s best songs for many reasons involving its musical composition. While many fans praise the masterful guitar work of this track, the drumming of this song created the mold to become one of the most iconic thrash metal songs written by the band at the peak of their career. It contains a healthy array of variations to retain the listeners’ attention instead of making it a meat-and-potatoes thrash song. The first half of the song has a humble approach that later morphs into a unique drum variation of what we already heard and only creativity can do that the right way.


5) Ashes In Your Mouth

This track was written by every single member of Megadeth at the time, including Menza, who took the opportunity to spread his wings by adding a tasteful drum line. It’s the last track of Countdown to Extinction but it encompasses every aspect the album took with its progressive passages amplified by Menza’s drumming.

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