Metal Insider’s Top 10: Megadeth songs featuring Nick Menza

Posted by on May 23, 2016

4) Take No Prisoners

If you’re familiar with “Take No Prisoners,” you know there’s no need to describe the masterful drumming Menza incorporated here. To fully grasp his musical capabilities, just try for a minute to keep up with the speed and intricate rhythmic patterns this song has and let me know how that goes.


3) Hangar 18

At this point, we would like to point out that Rust In Peace is one of the most influential records ever made in the thrash metal genre and the rest of the songs in this list will only features songs off it. Nick Menza was very enthusiastic about UFO’s and had his influence on the writing process of this song which revolves on the theory of a secret government base holding evidence of alien life and spacecrafts. But musically speaking, the song is a cocktail of rhythms and riffing which easily turned into one of the most popular songs by the band.

2) Poison Was The Cure

Considered one of Megadeth’s fastest tracks, “Poison Was The Cure” unleashes Menza’s drumming to the fullest with an immersive drum beat only topped by its speed. Just take a listen to the isolated drum track posted by Menza himself to listen everything going on in this song and you’ll see why it requires such a high level of skill to perform it at its best.


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