Top 10s of the year from Anthrax, Broken Hope, SpiralArms, Rivers of Nihil

Posted by on December 4, 2013


HQAR_Charlie_Benante_Main_2716Charlie Benante, Anthrax

(in no particular order)

Lorde, Pure Heroin
Ghost, Infestissumam
Noctum, Final Sacrifice
Death Angel, The Dream Calls for Blood
Deafheaven, Sunbather
Johnny Marr, The Messenger
The Winery Dogs
Nirvana, In Utero, 20th Anniversary edition
Everything else was crap this year. Yep, sorry.



rivers-of-nihil_photo01Jon Kunz, Rivers of Nihil

(in no particular order)

Carcass, Surgical Steel
Talk about a fucking comeback record. Surgical Steel has made a million Carcass clones completely irrelevant.

Gorguts, Colored Sands
Again, what a monster of a new record. Gorguts has always been quality over quantity, and this record does not disappoint in any sense.

Weekend, Jinx
Phenomenal post punk/shoegaze from the lovely west coast. The best “non metal” release of 2013, along with the new Sigur Ros!

Panopticon, Split with Vestiges
Panopticon is the best USBM band out there right now, and in 2 songs (the third is a cover), they destroy the competition. The Vestiges side to the split is killer as well.

Fallujah, Nomadic
Fallujah went above and beyond on this EP. Super excited to hear a full length with songs in this vein. This is also in Brody’s top releases of 2013.

Revocation, Revocation
Fanfuckingtastic playing and some of the best songs in metal. Revocation continue to kill it. HOOOOOOOKS. Another top release of 2013 for Brody as well.

Sigur Ros, Kveikur
The masters of sorrow, Sigur Ros released this very left of center release onto the world in 2013. I was a huge fan of the drone and minimalism of Valtari, and this is the last thing I’d expect Sigur Ros to release as a follow up, but god damn they’ve done it again. Again, a top release of 2013 for Brody as well.

Altar of Plagues, Teethed Glory and Injury
Greatest swansong ever? Super excited to hear the new WIFE songs James Kelly is cooking up.

Deafheaven, Sunbather
The most emotional charged record of 2013. Deafheaven are the kings of the whole shoegazey black metal thing and Sunbather drives that claim home. Fast as fuck too!

Lycus, Tempest

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