Metal Insider’s Top 5: extreme love songs for Valentine’s Day

Posted by on February 14, 2017

Today is Valentine’s Day, and while we are sick of the same old sappy love songs, we figured to have a little fun,we’d gather a few extreme romantic tracks. Despite most of them coming from the nineties written about lust or love, they all lead to the same message. Enjoy!


5) Rotting Christ,  “After Dark I Feel” from Sleep of the Angels (1999)

Only you and me, face to fate. Come and lead me, to another place.”


4)  Moonspell – “Vampiria,” Wolfheart (1995)

“Depart now on your bright wings. The world envy, the skies have always seduced you Precious Queen, and you know your time has come, to fly away with Me, so far…”


3) Cannibal Corpse, “Fucked With a Knife” The Bleeding (1994)

“No escape from your fate. Destined to be mine. Every night I wait to see in the night, watching. Stalking your every move. I know when you’re alone, all alone.”


2) Cradle of Filth – “Her Ghost In The Fog,” Midian (2000)

“Then this I screamed, ‘Come back to me, for I was born in love with thee. So why should fate stand in between?’”


1) Type O Negative – “Love You To Death,” October Rust (1996)

“I beg to serve, your wish is my law. Now close those eyes and let me love you to death.”


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